QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB

quiapegCEO: Marcus Bosson

Web: www.quiapeg.com

Description: QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB, a privately held biotechnology company, offers pharmaceutical companies access to a new and enhanced proprietary PEGylation technology platform with significant advantages compared to its competitors improving therapeutic efficiency, cost-of-goods, safety and quality while facilitating life-cycle management.

QuiaPEG aims to become an esteemed partner on the growing market of biopharmaceuticals in general and the emerging market of biobetters in particular. This is achieved by licensing agreements providing access to the technology platform and collaboration agreements regarding QuiaPEGs proprietary biobetters. By building on the success of existing, approved biologics, the development of biobetters is considered much less of a commercial risk than developing a brand new class of biologics.

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