MediGelium AB

MediGeliumCEO:  Anders Carlsson


MediGelium provides services within the specialist fields of pharmaceutical formulation development and applied surface and colloid chemistry. The company’s expertise is particularly related to liquid and semisolid formulations for topical, oral, and/or parenteral use. Many new drug compounds have low or insignificant solubility in water and/or have unacceptably low bioavailability. MediGelium has long experience of using polar lipids and other surface active substances in pharmaceutical formulations, such as oil-in-water emulsions, liposomes, and self-emulsifying oily liquids, formulations that may overcome the solubility and bioavailability problems of the incorporated drug compounds. The company also has long experience of filing new patent applications within the field of liquid and semisolid pharmaceutical formulations.

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