Flemingsberg Science

Flemingsberg_scienceCEO:  Björn Varnestig

Web:  www.flemingsbergscience.se

Flemingsberg Science was established 2011 by the Karolinska Institute, KTH, Södertörn University College, Stockholm County Council and the local communities of Huddinge and Botkyrka, to enhance the innovation and business community of Flemingsberg.

Our main activities are centered around the concept of business architecture. The Business Architecture project starts with real, unmet needs in health care, as defined by patients and clinicians. These needs are found by our business architects, walking the corridors of hospitals, talking to people. An assessment of each need in terms of value creation of solving the problem, and the possibility to find solutions and business models, is done. Based on these assessments a limited number of needs are selected as starting point for business creation, including setting a development team with clinicians, academics and business people, checking IP & freedom to operate, the international business potential etcetera. Our output is a well-defined business case with a substantial interest from the clinical world, a substantial value creation, one or more solution ideas, a validated market and above all, a team who are willing to invest time and/or money to carry on. The taker of the project might be an entrepreneurial team building a start-up, or an existing company picking up a new product.

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