Chromafora AB

CEO:  Henrik RundgrenChromafora


Chromafora is a innovation company that offers environmentally benign large scale chemical production processes with significant economical benefits.
The company posses expertise in the field of phosphine chemistry and the use of phosphines attached to solid particles.

Phosphines has known advantages in several chemical transformations, such Wittig, Staudinger, Appel, Mitsunobu. Solid particle synthesis is advantageous primarily due to simplified separation, but also can it enhance conversion and lessen the amount of byproducts.

4 October 2011 the company was also rewarded with SKAPA as “The best Swedish innovation 2011″ given by LAMI and SUF (Svenska Uppfinnar Föreningen).

The company works worldwide to enhance producing companies (customers) production capacity and effectiveness by incorporating the rewarded Chromafora Process.

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