CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals AB

CEO: Karin MellströmCellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals

Web:  www.cellprotect.se

Description: CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals AB, CPNP, is developing new therapies based on mesenchymal and Natural killer (NK) cells to treat severe diseases. CellProtect, ex vivo expanded and activated Natural killer (NK) cells is the lead investigational drug candidate and is being evaluated as adjunct treatment to autolog stem cell transplantation in patients with Multiple Myeloma. A First in Human phase I/II clinical study, is conducted at the Hematology Center at Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge. The company owns assets related to the manufacturing technology including patent applications. A patent has been issued in China and U.S.

CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals AB was founded 2011 and is supported by the 17 shareholders holding expertise in the field. The company is the commercial partner in a cell therapy consortium financed by VINNOVA.

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