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Promore Pharma AB

CEO: Jonas Ekblompromorepharma


About Promore Pharma AB
Promore Pharma is a small biopharmaceutical company specialized in the development of therapeutic peptides for local application in wounds and skin infections. The company’s vision is to develop a portfolio of unique first-in-class products in the field of advanced wound care. The current development pipeline includes several therapeutic peptides in clinical development, with potential for use in several medical applications. Please visit our web site:

Biosergen AS

CEO: Anders KronströmBiosergen AS


Description: Biosergen AS is a biotech company developing new drugs based on cutting edge biosynthetic engineering of natural products, combined with chemical synthesis. Established in 2004, the company is based in Trondheim, Norway and focuses its innovative research on fighting systemic fungal infections. Biosergen’s lead compound, BSG005, is currently in pre-clinical development phase.

The company is currently focusing on delivering a proof-of-concept program for BSG005 as well as on seeking partners for out-licensing and the continued development of BSG005.

The current major owners of Biosergen are Karolinska Development AB, Rosetta Capital, Östersjöstiftelsen, and Sintef Venture II.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB

cadila sweden logo_General Manager: Patric Stenberg


Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, India.
Over the last six decades, the company has been developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products in over eighty-five countries around the World.
Our product basket includes branded and generic formulations covering more than 45 therapeutic segments, biotechnology products, plant tissue culture and more than 38 APIs and intermediates. In the services realm, our offering includes Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research as well as Contract Manufacturing.
We have scientific collaborations with leading Swedish companies for preventing in-patient infections and development of novel treatment for specific and acute infections, for developing Antibiotic Resistant Breakers and innovative treatment in inflammation and pain management.

The Swedish office has been set up to ensure success of ongoing and future collaborations between Swedish companies and institutions, and our Indian organization. We encourage regional researchers and companies to get in touch with us to discuss potential collaborations or our service offerings.

CytaCoat AB

CytacoatCEO:  Jacob Odeberg


CytaCoat operates a virtual biotech model in which a core group of highly experienced scientific and commercial decision makers lead the organisation and are supported by external CRO’s, suppliers and expert networks.
Our proprietary platform technology provides a unique, universal and covalent antibacterial coating.

The CytaCoat technology is based on a discovery, where our proprietary polymer surface exhibits a clear effect on several of the most dangerous pathogenic bacteria that pose problems in healthcare today. CytaCoat’s surface exhibits a antibacterial effect on both gram-negative and gram- positive bacteria, the two main groups of bacterial strains.

Apodemus AB


Description: Apodemus AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company focused on the development of antiviral treatments and diagnostic tools for viral infections.We work according to the hypothesis that “A new virus group is the common environmental factor that underlie a wide range of diseases and that these diseases can be treated by antiviral therapy”. Apodemus has recently started a phase II clinical trial in Alzheimer´s diseases where the patients is treated with antivirals.  Apodemus is non-public, privately owned, small pharmaceutical company. We are focused on basic research; identifying and characterizing new viruses, development of viral diagnostic tools and antiviral treatments.

Eurocine Vaccines AB

EurocineLogPMSCEO:  Hans Arwidsson


Beskrivning: Eurocine Vaccines is a publicly listed company, using its clinically validated technology Endocine™ to develop a patent protected nasal influenza vaccine for children. Within the market for influenza vaccines, children is the fastest growing segment. This is due to the recommendation by the WHO to vaccinate children against influenza. The company´s main project, the nasal quadrivalent influenza vaccine Immunose™ FLU, is planned to enter clinical development in the fall of 2016.

The company plans to license the product to partners for further development and commercialization.

For further information about Eurocine Vaccines, please see