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Sixera Pharma AB

 CEO: Maarten de Chateausixera_

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Description: Sixera Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company with expertise in dermatology, and especially rare genetic skin diseases (genodermatoses). We are focusing our drug development effort on protease biology in the skin and have developed a series of compounds targeting certain skin proteases (kallikreins) known to cause a rare inherited skin disease called Netherton’s syndrome. The lead compound is currently undergoing IND enabling studies.


CEO:  Geoffrey McDonoughsobi2012


Sobi is an international specialty healthcare company dedicated to rare diseases. Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative therapies and services to improve the lives of patients. The product portfolio is primarily focused on Haemophilia, Inflammation and Genetic diseases. We also market a portfolio of specialty and rare disease products for partner companies across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Russia. Sobi is a pioneer in biotechnology with world-class capabilities in protein biochemistry and biologics manufacturing. In 2014, Sobi had total revenues of SEK 2.6 billion (USD 380 M) and about 600 employees. The share (STO: SOBI) is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. More information is available at

CyberGene AB

CEO: Heléne Olssoncybergene


About CyberGene AB
CyberGene AB is a private Swedish company. CyberGene develop and sell diagnostic kits based upon molecular biology methods. ChromoQuant® kits diagnose chromosomal disorders. Our market is global and 90% of the sales is outside Sweden. The customers are found in clinical genetic laboratories. CyberGene has been ISO certified since 2005.

About ChromoQuant®
The first ChromoQuant® kits for prenatal diagnostics was launched in 2005. ChromoQuant® STaR diagnoses the most common chromosomal disorders in foetuses, i.e. aneuploidies in chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and X/Y. Launched in 2012. ChromoQuant® PLUS diagnoses aneuploidies in chromosomes 15, 16 and 22 and is used mainly to analyse miscarriages. Launched in 2013. ChromoQuant®AZF diagnoses male infertility due to micro deletions in the Y chromosome. Launched in 2014.



Chairman of the board: Birgitta Eilemargentekniknämnden


Description: The Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board is a government authority. The Board consists of one politician from each of the political parties in the parliament and seven researchers in areas such as ethics, ecology, cell- and molecular biology and animal genetics. The Board has an office with three employees.

One of the authority´s main tasks is to follow and inform about research and development in the field of gene technology. On the Board’s website there are for example short summaries of current research and the annual report Genteknikens utveckling.

The Board is a consultative body regarding the use of genetically modified organisms, for example marketing approvals for the cultivation of genetically modified crops or clinical trials where genetically modified organisms are used.


Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB

cadila sweden logo_General Manager: Patric Stenberg


Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, India.
Over the last six decades, the company has been developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products in over eighty-five countries around the World.
Our product basket includes branded and generic formulations covering more than 45 therapeutic segments, biotechnology products, plant tissue culture and more than 38 APIs and intermediates. In the services realm, our offering includes Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research as well as Contract Manufacturing.
We have scientific collaborations with leading Swedish companies for preventing in-patient infections and development of novel treatment for specific and acute infections, for developing Antibiotic Resistant Breakers and innovative treatment in inflammation and pain management.

The Swedish office has been set up to ensure success of ongoing and future collaborations between Swedish companies and institutions, and our Indian organization. We encourage regional researchers and companies to get in touch with us to discuss potential collaborations or our service offerings.

QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB

quiapegCEO: Marcus Bosson


Description: QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB, a privately held biotechnology company, offers pharmaceutical companies access to a new and enhanced proprietary PEGylation technology platform with significant advantages compared to its competitors improving therapeutic efficiency, cost-of-goods, safety and quality while facilitating life-cycle management.

QuiaPEG aims to become an esteemed partner on the growing market of biopharmaceuticals in general and the emerging market of biobetters in particular. This is achieved by licensing agreements providing access to the technology platform and collaboration agreements regarding QuiaPEGs proprietary biobetters. By building on the success of existing, approved biologics, the development of biobetters is considered much less of a commercial risk than developing a brand new class of biologics.

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical

CEO:  Erik Kinnman


NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB was founded in 2000 with the aim of commercializing cyclosporine-based drugs for the treatment of acute traumatic conditions. Cyclosporine is able to reduce the level of secondary tissue damage following a traumatic injury by mitochondrial protection. NeuroVive went public in 2008 with an IPO on the Swedish AktieTorget exchange.