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Mandometer AB

MandometerCEO:  Jan Stålemark


Mandometer AB was launched in 1997 to manage intellectual property rights. The company holds six world patents, two pending patents, trademarks and design protections. Its R&D department has four researchers employed together with the Karolinska Institute. Mandometer (a device that teaches you how to eat), SatietyMeter (a device that makes you stop snacking), and Dr. Cecilia (a virtual clinician) are the result of translational research. The technical development and production of devices are done in Istanbul, Turkey, including the fifth generation of Mandometer, adapted for consumer use – a Bluetooth scale and a smart phone app, to be used by anyone who needs to manage a healthy body weight. The company has six employees.

Mandolean AB

Mandolean ABCEO:  Cecilia Bergh  


Mandolean AB was launched in 2008 to treat and prevent overweight and obesity. Mandometer, a medical device, assists patients to eat less food at a lower speed through real time visual feedback. As patients learn to eat normally, the hormones engaged in hunger and satiety are also normalized. Three full time employees work at the company, which will offer the treatment to licensees in Sweden, the UK and the US.

AB Mando

MandometerCEO: Cecilia Bergh


AB Mando was launched in 2000 to manage and prevent eating disorders. Patients learn how to eat and feel full supported by on-line real time feedback from Mandometer, they are offered external heat, their physical activity is controlled and they are assisted to resume their normal social habits. 75% of the patients are free of symptoms within on average one year, only 10% will relapse over five years of follow-up and no patient has died. AB Mando´s 72 permanent staff members have treated 1000 patients with this result contracted by Stockholms Läns Landsting, Västra Götalandsregionen, Värmlands- and Gävleborgs Läns Landsting.

AB Mando pitch at KI Science Park DAY 2014.