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PKxpert AB

CEO: Annsofi Nihlén pkxpert


Description: PKxpert AB provides consultancy services & scientific expert knowledge to pharmaceutical companies in

  • Pharmacokinetic  and Toxicokinetic analysis in non-clinical and clinical studies using Phoenix WinNonlin®
  • Toxicokinetic analysis according to GLP
  • Pharmacokinetic simulations and predictions for study design
  • Drug metabolism & regulatory ADME studies
  • Compiling of regulatory non-clinical documentation in CTD format
  • Preclinical research & development project management
  • Quality assurance according to GxP

PKxpert staff has extensive experience from big pharma and biotech companies with small molecules, peptides, proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Biopromic AB

CEO: Lech Ignatowiczbiopromic_logo


About Biopromic
Biopromic is working to change the future of rapid, point-of-care diagnostics for the detection of infectious diseases. A spectrum of Biopromic’s proprietary technologies allows for the development of simple-to-use and affordable tests for clinical and veterinary settings. Biopromic specializes in the production of ultra-sensitive monoclonal antibodies targeted primarily against carbohydrate antigens derived from bacteria and viruses. Biopromic also produces a wide range of bacterial antigens and their analogs. Biopromic is a privately held company established in 2006 in Poland. In 2017, Biopromic opened its new R&D facility at Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Stockholm, Sweden.

GeneConsult AB

CEO: Christian CamminGeneConsult

Director Scandinavia: Paola Longati


Description: GeneConsult is a specialist sales company in medical genetic diagnostics. We partner with high quality companies to promote their products & services through our network of medical professionals across Northern Europe. Our team consists of highly educated professionals with over 20 years’ experience in genetic diagnostics, business development and sales, with an in-depth knowledge of scientific and diagnostic developments. We are committed to creating a transparent work environment for our partners, our network and ourselves to build solid, trustful and long-term relationships.

Moderna Therapeutics Sweden

CEO: Stéphane BancelModerna


Description: At Moderna, we are pioneering the development of a new class of drugs made of messenger RNA (mRNA). This novel drug platform builds on the discovery that modified mRNA can direct the body’s cellular machinery to produce nearly any protein of interest, from native proteins to antibodies and other entirely novel protein constructs that can have therapeutic activity inside and outside of cells.

We have a clear mission to propel the field of mRNA science forward and deliver new medicines to patients and a unique vision for how to achieve this mission.

Our Mission: To deliver on the promise of transformative messenger RNA (mRNA) science to bring new medicines to patients.

Our Vision: To unlock the potential of mRNA Therapeutics™ by establishing an ecosystem of teams and partners that will work together to develop the broadest possible array of drugs, across diverse therapeutic areas and routes of administration, for serious diseases that are not treatable today

Larix Sweden AB


Country Manager: Eva Lundqvist

Larix is a full service CRO offering assistance in all aspects of clinical studies to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Larix has been on the market for more than 13 years and our staff has a broad experience operating in all aspects of clinical studies and different therapeutic areas for both smaller and larger companies. Today we are more than 55 employees, with offices in Denmark (headquarter) and Sweden.

Larix provide professional assistance within:
• Statistics and Programming
• Data Management
• Pharmacovigilance
• Clinical Operations
• Science and Medical Writing
• Regulatory
• Quality Assurance
• Data Monitoring Committees

We offer both outsourcing solutions of professionals for shorter or longer periods and full service solutions – where we take care of your entire clinical study- from planning, design, protocol writing and feasibility, through start-up and initiation, conduct, close-out and final reporting.

Larix has professional and flexible staff that focuses on:
Communication – Proactivity – Quality on Time
Our mission is to deliver high quality within agreed budget and timeline.

CyberGene AB

CEO: Heléne Olssoncybergene


About CyberGene AB
CyberGene AB is a private Swedish company. CyberGene develop and sell diagnostic kits based upon molecular biology methods. ChromoQuant® kits diagnose chromosomal disorders. Our market is global and 90% of the sales is outside Sweden. The customers are found in clinical genetic laboratories. CyberGene has been ISO certified since 2005.

About ChromoQuant®
The first ChromoQuant® kits for prenatal diagnostics was launched in 2005. ChromoQuant® STaR diagnoses the most common chromosomal disorders in foetuses, i.e. aneuploidies in chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and X/Y. Launched in 2012. ChromoQuant® PLUS diagnoses aneuploidies in chromosomes 15, 16 and 22 and is used mainly to analyse miscarriages. Launched in 2013. ChromoQuant®AZF diagnoses male infertility due to micro deletions in the Y chromosome. Launched in 2014.


Pronexus Analytical AB

CEO: Jan Kehrpronexus_analytical


Description: Cost Effective and High Quality Preclinical CRO

Pronexus Analytical AB is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) offering advanced services and collaborative projects focused on PK/PD studies on experimental models of CNS and metabolic diseases. The bioanalytical services include UHPLC-MS/MS and standard HPLC techniques, ELISA and multiplexing immunoassays.
Pronexus research laboratories with full regulatory approvals include the central bioanalytical laboratory and the animal research facility.

Pelago Bioscience AB

CEO: Michael Dabrowskipelago-bioscience_


Description: Pelago Bioscience AB is a CRO offering target engagement measurements of small molecule compounds on target proteins. We use our patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA™) technology to enable direct, in situ physiologically relevant measurements of target engagement on target proteins in lysate, intact cells and tissue samples.
Services include assay development and screening using fit for purpose protein detection and quantification methods. The results are used by our clients to accelerate preclinical and clinical drug discovery and diagnostics development. Study results are delivered in validated reports, including interpretation and conclusions.

Pelago Bioscience AB was spun out from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 to provide and develop the patented CETSA method for use in determination and quantification of drug–target interactions. Using CETSA data and applications, drug discovery R&D companies will be able to make better and more informed decisions at earlier stages in their projects. This will reduce time and money spent on the wrong compounds and allow faster development of more efficacious new drugs.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB

cadila sweden logo_General Manager: Patric Stenberg


Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, India.
Over the last six decades, the company has been developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical products in over eighty-five countries around the World.
Our product basket includes branded and generic formulations covering more than 45 therapeutic segments, biotechnology products, plant tissue culture and more than 38 APIs and intermediates. In the services realm, our offering includes Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research as well as Contract Manufacturing.
We have scientific collaborations with leading Swedish companies for preventing in-patient infections and development of novel treatment for specific and acute infections, for developing Antibiotic Resistant Breakers and innovative treatment in inflammation and pain management.

The Swedish office has been set up to ensure success of ongoing and future collaborations between Swedish companies and institutions, and our Indian organization. We encourage regional researchers and companies to get in touch with us to discuss potential collaborations or our service offerings.