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Obstecare AB

COO: Johan Itzel obstecare_


Description: ObsteCare offers a method and instruments for monitoring the mother during delivery. By measuring the lactate levels in the amniotic fluid during a delivery you can assess the status and understand the risk of a prolonged delivery. Labor dystocia is the most common problem in maternity wards and roughly 40% of first-time mothers are affected. Labor dystocia causes suffering for mother and child alike and is the source for a number of disorders for women later in life, decreasing women’s quality of life and putting pressure on the welfare system. ObsteCare’s AFLTM gives doctors the tools and methods for diagnosing labor dystocia and a method for improving the treatment. The method is based on international scientific research and has been patented.

EMPE Diagnostics AB

CEO: Pavankumar Asalapuramempe_diagnostics


EMPE Diagnostics AB is an interdisciplinary SME that develops point-of-care test kits. EMPE aims to produce affordable diagnostic test kits that are also battery-operable for tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, with a special focus on antimicrobial resistance. Our patented diagnostic test kits provide confirmatory results and are usable at the first contact point between the doctor and the patient.
Mobile: 0046 727600752

Chundsell Medicals AB

CEO: Jan Erik CollinPrint


Chundsell Medicals AB was founded in 2007 as a spin off from CancerCenterkarolinska, Karolinska Institutet, Solna, in order to commercialize the research results of Chunde Li and his group on prostate cancer genomics.

The first product: The Prostatype® Test System measures the expression pattern of three selected and specific prostate cancer embryonic stem cell genes in tumor cell tissue specimens. These expression patterns together with a group of a since long used and well-known clinical parameters can help the health care professional to predict the disease outcome and the overall survival of newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients.

CyberGene AB

CEO: Heléne Olssoncybergene


About CyberGene AB
CyberGene AB is a private Swedish company. CyberGene develop and sell diagnostic kits based upon molecular biology methods. ChromoQuant® kits diagnose chromosomal disorders. Our market is global and 90% of the sales is outside Sweden. The customers are found in clinical genetic laboratories. CyberGene has been ISO certified since 2005.

About ChromoQuant®
The first ChromoQuant® kits for prenatal diagnostics was launched in 2005. ChromoQuant® STaR diagnoses the most common chromosomal disorders in foetuses, i.e. aneuploidies in chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and X/Y. Launched in 2012. ChromoQuant® PLUS diagnoses aneuploidies in chromosomes 15, 16 and 22 and is used mainly to analyse miscarriages. Launched in 2013. ChromoQuant®AZF diagnoses male infertility due to micro deletions in the Y chromosome. Launched in 2014.


iCellate Medical AB

CEO: Pelle RedareICellate Medical


Description: iCellate has developed an instrument for  sensitive, specific and universal cancer cell isolation that meets physicians’, and research scientists’ previously unmet needs. It can capture the heterogeneous, plastic and extremely rare circulating tumor cells  against a background of normal blood cells. This instrument therefore lets the scientists capture and analyse the spreading cancer cells, in flagranti, as they spread. The instrument also provides opportunities for new kinds of cancer tests such as early detection of spreading cancer using a standard blood test or monitoring tumor cell concentration during cancer treatment.

Apodemus AB


Description: Apodemus AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company focused on the development of antiviral treatments and diagnostic tools for viral infections.We work according to the hypothesis that “A new virus group is the common environmental factor that underlie a wide range of diseases and that these diseases can be treated by antiviral therapy”. Apodemus has recently started a phase II clinical trial in Alzheimer´s diseases where the patients is treated with antivirals.  Apodemus is non-public, privately owned, small pharmaceutical company. We are focused on basic research; identifying and characterizing new viruses, development of viral diagnostic tools and antiviral treatments.

InDex Pharmaceuticals AB

CEO:  Peter Zerhouniindex_logo_


Despite the currently available drug treatment alternatives, a large group of patients with ulcerative colitis suffer from severe symptoms such as pain and frequent, bloody diarrhea. The only remaining option for many of these patients is to undergo colectomy.

InDex Pharmaceuticals develops Kappaproct – a completely new type of drug that can help patients back to a normal life. InDex has also developed a platform of patent protected substances, so called DNA based immunomodulatory sequences (DIMS), with the potential to be used in treatment of various immunological diseases.

The European marketing rights for Kappaproct have been out-licensed to Almirall S.A. in an agreement that could potentially bring InDex milestones in excess of 100 million euro, as well as well as double-digit royalties.