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Sixera Pharma AB

 CEO: Maarten de Chateausixera_

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Description: Sixera Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company with expertise in dermatology, and especially rare genetic skin diseases (genodermatoses). We are focusing our drug development effort on protease biology in the skin and have developed a series of compounds targeting certain skin proteases (kallikreins) known to cause a rare inherited skin disease called Netherton’s syndrome. The lead compound is currently undergoing IND enabling studies.

PKxpert AB

CEO: Annsofi Nihlén pkxpert


Description: PKxpert AB provides consultancy services & scientific expert knowledge to pharmaceutical companies in

  • Pharmacokinetic  and Toxicokinetic analysis in non-clinical and clinical studies using Phoenix WinNonlin®
  • Toxicokinetic analysis according to GLP
  • Pharmacokinetic simulations and predictions for study design
  • Drug metabolism & regulatory ADME studies
  • Compiling of regulatory non-clinical documentation in CTD format
  • Preclinical research & development project management
  • Quality assurance according to GxP

PKxpert staff has extensive experience from big pharma and biotech companies with small molecules, peptides, proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Biopromic AB

CEO: Lech Ignatowiczbiopromic_logo


About Biopromic
Biopromic is working to change the future of rapid, point-of-care diagnostics for the detection of infectious diseases. A spectrum of Biopromic’s proprietary technologies allows for the development of simple-to-use and affordable tests for clinical and veterinary settings. Biopromic specializes in the production of ultra-sensitive monoclonal antibodies targeted primarily against carbohydrate antigens derived from bacteria and viruses. Biopromic also produces a wide range of bacterial antigens and their analogs. Biopromic is a privately held company established in 2006 in Poland. In 2017, Biopromic opened its new R&D facility at Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Stockholm, Sweden.