ApiRays AB

CEO: Pavankumar Asalapuramapirays

Web: www.apirays.com

Description:  ApiRays® has developed a recombinant apyrase enzyme called ApiOne® from bacterial origin that can instantly eliminate ATP, ATP by-products and ATP analogues. Using ApiOne® in ATP-based diagnostics, it is possible to improve the sensitivity of diagnostic and analytical tests, including ATP-based bioluminescence and colorimetric tests. The uniqueness of ApiOne® can be extend to applications in biomedicine, food and beverages, drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries. ApiOne® provides significant advantages for the DNA sequencing industry, especially Pyrosequencing as it can increase the DNA read-lengths by at least 20%. Our patented solutions not only provide a superior alternative to potato apyrase but could also reduce the experimental turn-around time up to 40%, thus reducing costs.

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